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When I'm not sailing...



U.S. Coast Guard Masters licensed


A true adventurer at heart!  I started sailing 19 years ago after buying a $100 sailboat on the side of the road in Wisconsin.  I taught myself to sail and windsurf on the abundant lakes and Great Lakes of the Midwest, progressing through many different boats before starting my own sailing lessons and charter business in Wisconsin.  I've cruised the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior and spent multiple winters living on the beaches in Texas, windsurfing the Gulf.  A four month journey took me down the Mississippi River from Wisconsin to New Orleans, around the Gulf and the Florida Keys, then across to the Bahamas!  There I spent a month island-hopping before I sailed back to Florida and trailered the boat up to Wisconsin.  Except for the first two weeks on the river, this trip was entirely solo.  Through my self learning and solo trips, I've developed a great skill set that comes only from true experiences.  I'm continually learning and always training for the next adventure.  I moved out to San Diego for the endless sailing season on the ocean and to be in close vicinity to the mountains.


I love sailing and would like to share my passion with anyone who has a desire to learn.  You’ll be learning on Sapphire, a Ranger 33, which is located at Sun Harbor Marina in the San Diego Bay.  


Give me a call to learn more about me and what I’m offering and how we can match my skill sets to your desired goals!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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