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Lessons on "Sapphire"

A Ranger 33 Sloop

I offer sailing lessons from beginner sailing to advanced storm tactics and efficient single handing (sailing solo). For the beginner, you will have a chance to see if sailing is for you. Learn the basics that you can apply to any of the awesome styles of sailing--whether speed, racing, leisurely cruising, or full family involvement is what you’re looking for. I have an easy-going style of teaching, emphasizing on learning the fundamentals and progressing in the route that you want to take your sailing. No boating experience required. Let’s get you hooked on sailing first and the lingo will come naturally! There will be no tests and you’ll be engaged in sailing the boat as soon as we cast off the dock.

Learn to Sail

Bob and Maria confidently casting off after learning the ropes from Captain Keith

Lessons on your boat

If you already own a sailboat and are not quite confident in your skills yet, let me come out and crew with you.  We will build on your own knowledge base and work toward your sailing goals.  Training on sailing from your mooring, knowing when to reef or which sails to use for different wind conditions, working on trimming your sails properly, and handling your boat under power in close quarters.   I also help with boat set-up and advising on rigging for single handing.  I’ve had great success in reducing stress for couples and family’s on their own boat and making sure everyone is confident in their sailing skills for a fun and safe time on the water.


Private Sailing Lessons on "Sapphire"
Up to 6 People

$295 for 2 hours

$395 for 3 hours

$495 for 4 hours,

$695 for 8 hours


Private 10 Hour, 3 Lesson Package



1st lesson - 4 hours

2nd and 3rd - 3 hours each


*Taxes and fees included*


Sailing Lessons on your boat:  $80 an hour




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